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What are the differences between MKS Lex & Yacc and the AT&T/Berkely version?

    MKS Lex & Yacc has many value added features over the AT&T/Berkely version of the commands. Read our whitepaper on Using MKS Lex & Yacc Effectively to find out more.

Does TC Lex & Yacc work Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010

    Yes it produces ANSI "C" and C++ and will compile with virtually any compiler. The Run time library is in source form so you may rebuild it for other compilers.

May I redistribute the binaries created with PTC Lex & Yacc, including any runtime code you provide without royalty?

    Yes you may compile and link in the PTC Lex & Yacc Runtime library free of royalty.

May I have an evaluation of PTC Lex & Yacc?

    The PTC Lex & Yacc is not available for evaluation.

What is the difference between the PTC Lex & Yacc product and the one in PTC MKS Toolkit?

    PTC MKS Toolkit (for Enterprise Developers) has an older AT&T vintage Lex & Yacc for porting Unix applications. The PTC Lex & Yacc product is for new Windows development work.


What modifications should I make to my existing MKS Lex & Yacc installation before upgrading from version 3.2?

    Lex & Yacc 3.3.1 and above use entirely new installation technology and has a thoroughly updated directory structure. When upgrading to this release, files that are no longer used will have to be manually removed. There is no harm in not doing this, the product will still function correctly. This step is only necessary for housekeeping purposes.

    With release 3.3.1, the libraries and their source code are all in the $ROOTDIR/libmks directory. Only libraries for Microsoft Visual C/C++ are included. If this is the compiler you use, delete the $ROOTDIR/libmks directory or all of its contents and subdirectories before upgrading. If you use a different compiler, be sure to keep any libraries you use with it. You can remove all the other files and unused subdirectories from libmks.

    The examples have been updated for release 3.3.1 and above and the $ROOTDIR/examples directory reorganized. Before upgrading delete the $ROOTDIR/examples/grammars, $ROOTDIR/examples/tutorial, and $ROOTDIR/examples/windows directories. If you do not have any other MKS products installed, for example MKS Toolkit, you can simply delete the entire $ROOTDIR/examples directory.

    Yacc Tracker:
    The DOS TSR based example of a Yacc Tracker is not part of the product as of the 3.3.1 release. Unless you still use this example, you can delete the $ROOTDIR/track directory.

    Other files and directories:
    All other files used by Lex & Yacc have the same names and locations as in release 3.2 so the installation process will automatically replace them and no additional unused files will be left behind.