Tech Note: Support for Windows Server 2003

This Tech Note has been fully addressed in the MKS Toolkit v8.6 patch 2 and MKS AlertCentre v2.0.2 releases respectively. Please update your software.

The following releases of MKS products have been certified and will be supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

MKS Toolkit 8.6 (09 Sep 2003)

The following issue was found during testing of this release:

  • CFS 22613 - NuTCRACKER process fails to inherit a FIFO (which is not a Win32 handle) through a MKS Toolkit shell on a stdhandle and then having a NuTCRACKER grandchild process find it again on the stdhandle (e.g. through system()). The inheritance works correctly on file descriptors other than 0, 1 and 2 and works correctly as does direct parent to child inheritance from one NuTCRACKER process to another.

This issue are minor and should not adversely effect the majority of MKS Toolkit users. It will be addressed in future patches to the 8.6 release and available to all customers with current PCS contracts.

MKS AlertCentre 2.01 (17 Apr 2003)

The following issues were found during testing of this release:

  • CFS 22739 - Internet Information Server (IIS) no longer enables the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) by default. This problem occurs only with new installations (not upgrades) of IIS 6.0. To work around the problem, you need to enable "All Unknown CGI extensions" using the IIS Manager. Select the monitoring station (or local computer if you are on the machine's console) and select "Web Service Extensions" and select "All Unknown CGI Extensions" and click the allow button.

This issue will be addressed in the next major release of the product.