PTC X/Server 8.7 Patch 1 Problems Fixed

PTC X/Server Problems Fixed

Problem Description
CFS 36188The word "manual" is misspelled "manaul" in xamine profile clipboard display.
CFS 36115Several missing translations noted in installer and activation.
CFS 36116Japanese xuser.pdf and xeval.pdf need rebranding.
CFS 36108More X-Server issues with GLX widgets.
CFS 36039Launching vservice elevated causes XServer to fail to connect to vservice and dbserv.
CFS 35994Shared memory questions/issues.
CFS 35964xsuser.pdf which is attached the release Ver 8.7 is very old. xsuser.pdf is for Ver 8.1.
CFS 35959When clicking the menu the find topic of help on X keymode map app, the error page is displayed.
CFS 35957Doing copy and paste from Windows's notepad to gnome-text-editor on SunOS 5.10 and RedHat 6.5 but it' s failed.
CFS 35897While entering the Japanese text into gnome text editor, XVL.EXE is aborted.
CFS 35836When executing the program 'use SSH with PTC X/Server' from menu, Page error occur.
CFS 35834While viewing the help for PTC X/Server, it has been aborted.
CFS 35830The contact information is old in the prompting evaluation dialogs.
CFS 35820Japanese text tail is cut off in the X Server Graphics Dialog..
CFS 35634You are attempting to use the X Server as a full X Server outside of the limited local X Server.
CFS 35437xamine outout should include activation related info.
CFS 34415MKS X/ Server crash.