Effective: May 06, 2002
Products: PTC MKS Toolkit, PTC X/Server, PTC Lex & Yacc, and NuTCRACKER

All licensed products are now bundled with one-year PCS support contracts. An update is the vehicle by which customers who have never purchased PCS, or who have let their PCS support contract lapse, get a current version of the product and activate (or reactivate) their PCS support contract. Following is the new policy, which will apply to the entire Toolkit Product Family, as well as PTC X/Server and the legacy NuTCRACKER Product Family.

  1. A PCS support contract entitles a customer to any and all updates and patches of the covered product(s) for the duration of the contract (usually for one year, but sometimes multi-year contracts are purchased).
  2. Customers will be notified of the availability of a product update release and can opt to not take it, download it from our website, or have it shipped to them. We will not by default ship a product update to a customer unless the customer specifically requests it.
  3. Customers will be notified prior to the expiration of their PCS support contract and given the option to renew for an additional year(s).
  4. If you elect not to renew your PCS support contract, you will not be entitled to any enhancements and bug fixes from us even if the release or patch containing the enhancements and bug fixes was available prior to the expiration of your contract. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that your current version of MKS Toolkit will operate correctly on future releases of Microsoft Windows.
  5. Any customer who purchases an update for a product (or renews PCS coverage on it) must purchase updates (or renew PCS for) all copies of that product that the customer owns. Partial Updates are not permitted.
  6. If a customer wishes to update (or renew PCS for) a subset of the total number of copies they own of a product, they must write a letter (email is acceptable) indicating that they are no longer using the copies they do not wish to update (or renew PCS for). The letter should include the serial numbers of the licenses they wish to terminate. These licenses will then be terminated.
  7. If updates are shipped rather than downloaded from our website, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.
  8. During the first 2 years after PCS has lapsed, update pricing may apply. Please contact PTC MKS Toolkit Sales for more details.

For details about how our products are licensed, see the licensing FAQs on our website.